Featured Grants

Featured Grants

Measuring the Spiritual Dimension of Art

Kutter Callaway, With Kutter Callaway from Baylor University

Religions Can't Be Tamed

Pascal Boyer, With Pascal Boyer from Washington University in St. Louis

Groups Create Markers of Identity

Elaine Howard Ecklund & John Evans, With Elaine Howard Ecklund & John Evans in partnership with Issachar Fund

An Evolutionary Perspective

Dominic Johnson & Michael Price, With Dominic Johnson & Michael Price in partnership with Issachar Fund

Mapping the Imagination

Judith Wolfe, With Judith Wolfe from University of St Andrews

Science is a Gift from God

David Wilkinson, With David Wilkinson from Durham University

The Art of Spiritual Calling

Aaron Rosen, With Aaron Rosen from Wesley Theological Seminary

Accountability is Relational Responsibility

C. Stephen Evans, With C. Stephen Evans from Baylor University

The Culture of Schooling

Cristine Legare, With Cristine Legare from The University of Texas at Austin in partnership with Issachar Fund

Seeking the Acoustic Signature of Transcendence

Jonathan Berger, With Jonathan Berger from Stanford University

Story is Building Bridges

Garth Japhet, With Garth Japhet from The Heartlines Centre NPC

Science is for Monks

Lobsang Tenzin Negi, With Lobsang Tenzin Negi from Emory University

Unveiling the Heart of 100 Humanitarians

Donald E. Miller, With Donald E. Miller from University of Southern California

Horror as Religious Experience

Jonathan Greenaway, With Jonathan Greenaway from University of Chester

The Most Christian Continent: Africa

Retief Müller, With Retief Müller from Calvin University

Science, Faith, and France’s Future Generations

Lydia Jaeger, With Lydia Jaeger from Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne

Desire for God is Human Nature

Fiona Ellis, With Fiona Ellis from University of Roehampton

Movies and Moral Understanding

Carl Plantinga, With Carl Plantinga from Calvin University

Coming to Terms with Art

Anjan Chatterjee, With Anjan Chatterjee from The University of Pennsylvania

Multi-Faith Relationships Change Everything

Bob Roberts, Jr., With Bob Roberts, Jr. from GlocalNet

Clarity is a Virtue

Alan J. Torrance, With Alan J. Torrance from University of St Andrews

The Saint is Our Evidence

Robert MacSwain, With Robert MacSwain from The University of the South

Theology Needs Continental Philosophy

Judith Wolfe, With Judith Wolfe from University of St Andrews

Words Are Not Enough

Garrick V. Allen, With Garrick V. Allen from Dublin City University

Religious Freedom Starts with One Voice

Wade Kusack, With Wade Kusack from Love Your Neighbor Community

Advancing the Study of Religion

Christian Smith, With Christian Smith from University of Notre Dame

Art Brings Us Closer to Truth

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, With Robert Lawrence Kuhn from The Kuhn Foundation

Where Faith, Ethics, & Medicine Meet

Aasim Padela, With Aasim Padela from University of Chicago

Work and Purpose Aren't Enemies

Matt Bloom, With Matt Bloom from University of Notre Dame

There is Beauty in Science

Brandon Vaidyanathan, With Brandon Vaidyanathan from The Catholic University of America

The Young Muslim's Guide

Nidhal Guessoum, With Nidhal Guessoum from American University of Sharjah

Russian Theology & The Secular University

Kirill Vitalievich Karpov, With Kirill Vitalievich Karpov from Universität Innsbruck

Young Muslims Need to Reflect

Nidhal Guessoum, With Nidhal Guessoum from American University of Sharjah

Science & The Doctrine of Creation

Tom McCall, With Tom McCall from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

A Strengths-Based Approach to Religious Freedom

Thomas F Farr, With Thomas F Farr from The Religious Freedom Institute, Inc.

Religious Freedom is a Human Right

James Chen, With James Chen from The Institute for Global Engagement

Lighting the Beacons

Sean Dimond, With Sean Dimond from Untamed.be, LLC

Religious History is Data

Edward Slingerland, With Edward Slingerland from University of British Columbia

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Areas of Focus

We're currently exploring several areas of focus, addressing questions such as:

How do people discover and come to a better understanding of spiritual realities? Is the fact that people disagree so much about religion a good thing or a bad thing? Why do people think about the relationship between science and religion in so many different ways, and what factors shape these various approaches? What are the real benefits of religious faith and practice?