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The Spiritual Edge: Reporting on Change and Innovation in Spiritual Thought and Practice
Legal Organization:
KALW Public Radio
Project Dates:
Start Date: 01 July 2018
End Date: 30 June 2021
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The Spiritual Edge began as a radio series on KALW in 2014 and is now a podcast.  

Their approach is to explore spiritual “edges,” which they define in the same way as ecologists: where two unique habitats meet and biodiversity flourishes.

They’re asking, “What are the social or cultural conditions giving rise to change? What needs do the innovations attempt to fill?”

The Spiritual Edge is a multimedia and podcast project from KALW Public Radio exploring the shifting, dynamic nature of religion and spirituality. The series offers stories of people and communities who balance a commitment to long-held beliefs with an active modern life.

Innovations in Lived Religion

Each of the three planned series––“A Prayer for Salmon,” “American Islam and New Believers,” and “Spiritual Emergency”–– sits at the cross-section of a spiritual edge, providing an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the cultural conditions that produce spiritual innovation, and with that, accelerated change in spiritual thinking and practice.

They report on under-covered and little understood communities with rich backdrops of historical and social context. They also illustrate how spirituality is embedded into the most fundamental aspects of life, helping people and communities find meaning, healing, purpose and satisfaction.

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