Nidhal Guessoum, American University of Sharjah

The Young Muslim's Guide

What if religions were open to the spiritual significance of scientific discovery? What if young Muslims learned general theory as well as methodologies from scientists? Professor Nidhal Guessoum has written a short book for high school and university students and their teachers who find themselves torn between the teachings of Islam and the findings of science.


Grant Title
The Young Muslim's Guide to (or through) Modern Science
Legal Organization
American University of Sharjah
Project Dates
Start Date: 31 January 2016
End Date: 31 December 2016
Grant Amount

The Young Muslim's Guide to Modern Science

Modern science has changed our view of the world and of our existence and place in the cosmos. Successive scientific revolutions – from heliocentric to genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, not to mention Darwinian evolution – have challenged our conceptions and understanding of the world and of ourselves, particularly in deeply religious societies and cultures such as those of the Islamic world. 

In an effort to address this situation, Professor Guessoum wrote The Young Muslim’s Guide to Modern Science. Originally published in English, and now available in Arabic and Urdu, the book shows young readers how to adopt modern science without sacrificing Islamic identity.

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