Changing the Conversation About Religion

Religion is on the move. And why shouldn’t it be? Developments in the sciences regularly lead to new breakthroughs. We’re learning more and more each day, and as we do, we’re realizing how little we actually know about the world, other people, and ourselves. Ever-curious, we’re eager to learn, and that’s just how it should be.

Religion — religions of all kinds — should be no different.

Learning from our mistakes, we can evolve and grow. We can make progress. We can learn more about what Sir John Templeton called spiritual realities, addressing a wide range of questions: What if religions asked more questions and supported more research? What if religions engaged one another across their deepest differences? We’re addressing these questions through the work of our grantees.

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Areas of Focus

We're currently exploring several areas of focus, addressing questions such as:

How do people discover and come to a better understanding of spiritual realities? Is the fact that people disagree so much about religion a good thing or a bad thing? Why do people think about the relationship between science and religion in so many different ways, and what factors shape these various approaches? What are the real benefits of religious faith and practice?

Sir John Templeton

About Templeton Religion Trust

Templeton Religion Trust is a global charitable trust established by Sir John Templeton in 1984 with headquarters in Nassau, The Bahamas, where Sir John lived until his death in 2008. TRT has been active since 2012, and supports projects as well as storytelling related to projects seeking to enrich the conversation about religion.

"It appears that God's creative method is movement, change, continuing search, ongoing inquiry. Those who seek are rewarded. Those who are sure they already have the answers gradually become obsolete."
Sir John Templeton The Humble Approach